We are based in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.



What does a consultation entail?

During a consultation, either in person, on the phone, or through email, I will:

  • Determine your Ayurvedic dosha (mind-body type), either through my detailed questionnaires for distance consultations, or through pulse assessment, tongue analysis, facial and body-type reading for in-person consultations.
  • Assess your digestion, energy levels, dominant personality traits, physiology, skin and hair type in order to identify patterns between physical and mental tendencies. 
  • Evaluate your current diet and lifestyle.
  • Discuss and address any specific health concerns.
  • Provide you with a specific, individualized and personal protocol designed to help balance the body and address any specific health concerns you have.
  • After the appointment, you will receive a document with all of the information we discussed, including:
    • Your individual dosha and what this means
    • Specific herbs recommended for you and anything you specifically want to address
    • Suggested daily routine to help balance the body